Established in the year 2005 in a very humble way, Goal Petroleum has grown today to become a highly professional and futuristic Company in the country. The company is promoted by its Managing Director Mr.E.Mohanan Nair, a person with a global vision and lot of exposure in the industry in different capacities across the country. Having been in the industry for years together, Mr.E.Mohanan Nair could establish wide and varied contacts in lubricants’ market and has an excellent networking with industry leaders, raw materials suppliers and other industry associations within and outside the country. He is a well-known management consultant and a corporate trainer too. This dynamic MBA holder from a respectable institute in India understands international business as well and is expected to steer the company to position itself as a sustainable and upward looking company from India.

The other director Mr.C.K.Shamsudheen is from a seasoned business family with excellent contacts and contributes to the company through his support.

Under the able leadership of the Managing Director along with an Extended Director Board consisting of senior professionals of the industry along with the advices and guidance of experienced consultants in all relevant fields and of course with a committed and skilled work force, the company is poised to scale new heights and promote its products with a global perspective.


Nil accident objectives, trained professionals who are accountable for their decisions, create great work place with self-starting and motivated people, provide ample opportunities for career development and ensure quality of life.

Streamline efforts to develop social, economic and environmental models in the countries we operate minimizing the impacts of our actions on communities promoting sustainable practices throughout our value chain, taking all stakeholders into confidence.

Redefine our leadership in all the areas we operate with complete dedication and transparency by honoring our words and deeds and sustainable policies and practices.

Concentrate value creation by achieving economy of scale, acquiring of quality assets and implementing time-bound plans for expanding into pan-India and African markets.

Be prudent in use of financial resources, ensure high-profitability operations and include best stakeholders across globe to grow exponentially.


Our core management practices are in tune with our values and they reiterate our commitments to our ethics. Expectations of the employers shall be in sync with obligations of the employees. Zero-tolerance towards misbehavior and dishonesty is embedded in all systems.

Our corporate governance policies guarantee transparency and clarity in our decisions and actions. They always are in line with Sustainable policy, carbon reduction policy, Global Climate Change Mitigation Policy, Global anti-corruption policy etc.

We have established a proactive, transparent, independent and impartial communication channels to handle complaints from all stakeholders.

Also, we prefer to establish and maintain continuous dialog with government authorities through industry associations.